Java Problem Solving

AFPEx is known to be compatible with the latest version of Java available from

If an older version of Java is required, please see the Java Archive.

This page provides guidelines on resolving the most common problems found on both Windows and Macintosh systems, please see the individual sections below for help:

Microsoft Windows Problems

In the first instance, most problems can be solved by simply re-installing Java on your system.

To reinstall Java:

If this fails to associate .jnlp files with the Java Web Start application and your browser still prompts you to save the file, then depending on your version of windows, one of the following step-by-step guides should resolve the issue:

Windows 10

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows XP

Clearing Java Temporary Internet Files

Sometimes problems can be experienced when updating to a new version of Java.  It may be necessary to clear the Java temporary internet files to allow AFPEx to run.  To do this on Windows:


Apple Macintosh Problems

Apple no longer supplies its own version of Java so please ensure you have the most up to date version available from Ensure your system is fully up-to-date as AFPEx is known to be compatible with an up-to-date macOS installation.  

AFPEx Doesn't open when clicking Login.

When using Safari, sometimes AFPEx doesn't load when clicking on the Login button.  This problem is due to the Security features in Safari.  To fix this issue:

Associating the ats.jnlp file

If clicking on the AFPEx Login link prompts your browser to download the ats.jnlp file rather than loading AFPEx, it is likely that this extension is not properly associated with the Java Web Start application. Follow the process below to solve this issue:

Sometimes Firefox will continue to try and download the ats.jnlp file and may also throw up an error. In this instance open the Applications pane of the Preferences panel and find .jnlp in the list of applications. Here you can select a Default Action associated with this file type. Choose the Use other... option (even if "Java Web Start (default)" is already listed) and select Java Web Start from the same location as specified above. This should resolve the error and allow AFPEx to run directly from the browser again.