Using AFPEx

If you are using AFPEx for the first time, please download the most recent version of Java available here.  Once you have installed Java, you will then be able to access the system by clicking on the 'Login to AFPEx' link above.

For more information on using AFPEx, please take a look at the links to the left.

About AFPEx

AFPEx uses the Java environment to function which allows the application to run across multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Apple Mac, Linux).  Sadly, the Apple iOS and Andriod operating systems do not support Java, so the application will not function on mobile devices that use these (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab).

The Aeronautical Flight Planning Exchange (AFPEx) application is an internet based AFTN client.  It's purpose is to provide the UK aviation community with access to the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) via the internet to exchange messages regarding flight safety.

The AFPEx user community encompasses nearly all areas of the aviation industry including: Air Traffic Control, Airline Operators, Handling Agents, Flying Clubs and Private Pilots.  The application is currently free for UK residents to use (excluding the Channel Islands).

AFPEx has been designed to look like a standard e-mail program using an Inbox/Outbox; and standard message templates to allow users to quickly and accurately populate forms for onward transmission. 

Multiple Windows layout