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Oct 2021 - Notification of upcoming AFPEx System Upgrade Transition Date

Please find here a link to download a document detailing information on the upcoming System Update and Transition Date of 1st November: System Upgrade Information Document V3

July 2021 - Setup Guides for upcoming AFPEx System Upgrade

As mentioned in the recent update on the upcoming AFPEx System upgrade, new setup guides have been created and are now available on this site.
Please go to the page 'Setup Guides' and follow the instructions to prepare your device for the upcoming System Upgrade.

July 2021 - Update on upcoming AFPEx System Upgrade

Please find here a link to download a document detailing updated information on the upcoming AFPEx System Upgrade: System Upgrade Information Document V2
Further guidance on setting up your device for the system upgrade will be published shortly.

May 2021 - Notification of upcoming AFPEx System Upgrade

Please find here a link to download a document detailing information on an upcoming System Update: System Upgrade Information Document V1

April 2021 - Java and Website issues

The latest version of Java 8 (update 291) is not compatible with AFPEx, updating to this version or later will prevent access to AFPEx. Any customers having issues connecting to AFPEx should follow the instructions on the FAQ page Java Problem Solving page.

There are incompatibility issues with the FlightPlanningOnline website and some web browsers. If a customer cannot access the website please use the link 'AFPEx Java File for Login' on the menu bar above to download the required Java file to login.

January 2014 - AFPEx build 2.6

AFPEx build 2.6 has been deployed.  This update addresses the security features introduced by Java Version 7 Update 51.  There are also some improvements with Apple Mac OSx operating system.

February 2013 - Security Certificates

The Java Security Certificates have been updated.  If you experience any problems downloading the new security certificates, please clear your Java cache.  A guide for clearing Java cache is available in FAQ - Java Issues page.

FPL 2012 - AFPEx has changed!

To comply with the ICAO mandated change for FPL2012, AFPEx will be updated.  The new flight plan changes arrive on November 12th and will effect fields 10a/10b and 18 of the standard CA48 FPL form.

As part of this update, we have also taken the opportunity to update the software with a new 'look and feel' as well as revamping the website with additional instructions and guides.  The underlying functionality remains the same with some tweaks to make complex functions that little bit easier.  Check out the 'Operate As' function in the Guides - Flight Planning Assistance section.

AFPEx will not be sending in the new FPL2012 format until the agreed CAA date of 12th November. All users stored templates will move across to the updated system. From November 12th onwards, all users templates will need to be loaded and stored again to reflect the new FPL2012 format.

To view the NATS official press release please click here.


About AFPEx

The Assisted Flight Plan Exchange (AFPEx) is an internet based flight planning system. AFPEx is designed for the filing of Flight Plans and related messaging, via the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN), directly from your desktop or laptop computer. Approved users who are registered and operating within the UK, will be given a unique Login, password, and an AFTN address.

Once an AFTN address has been assigned, Air movement and Admin messages can be sent to any other AFTN connected stations worldwide from the AFPEx interface. The system is built around a highly stable multi-server platform and has a Fax backup facility. Support is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.