Frequently asked questions

Do I need any special software to run AFPEx on my PC?

Please follow the setup guide to install the software required to run the AFPEx application.

What happens if I forget my Username or Password?

For any issues in logging in, after checking you are able to connect to the internet you should call the AFPEx helpdesk number found in the Contact Us page and our staff will be able to help you log in.

What happens if my PC isn't working?

The AFPEx helpdesk is not a general support helpdesk, we are unable to help you with problems relating to general configuration of your Operating System. If you have followed the setup guide and are still unable to access the AFPEx system, you may require IT support from a third party.

Will I or my staff require any special training to use the system?

AFPEx is intuitive and requires just basic computer literacy skills. The Guides section above covers most of the day to day functions that can be performed on the system.  AFPEx contains a comprehensive online help system, so assistance will be available for specific pages. If you are really stuck, our support staff will be available to help you on the 24 hour Helpdesk number.

Can I access my AFPEx account abroad?

Certain users will be set up for roaming access. This will allow them to access their mailbox from any PC worldwide with internet connection that fits the Java and Browser requirements. This includes internet cafes, libraries and hotels.

How do I get back to my pending messages?

To get back to your pending messages, close all open tabs and then press 'Ctrl + t', this will take you back to your pending message list.