What are the minimum system requirements for AFPEx?

The following are the minimum system requirements that should be installed on your PC to enable access to the AFPEx Application:

Azul Java 11 software installed

CADAS-ATS software installed

I can't load the APFEx login interface.

Ensure your Java version is at least Azul Java 11 and that your internet connection is working.

I can't access AFPEx from my desktop shortcut

If you are using a shortcut from your desktop to try and launch AFPEx this will be trying to launch the old version of software, please delete the link completely. Now visit to login afresh. If you are unable to login at this stage please clear your browser's cache, the browser session and try again. If you are still having problems and you are using a company intranet service to launch the application please see below.

If you wish to create a new shortcut please use the following

I haven't received an answer to a message I sent.

AFPEx is a client server system, where users log in remotely to the servers located at NATS. If you are able to logon then you are looking directly into your mailbox and any replies will be delivered there within seconds of receipt. This means that it is likely that your message was either addressed incorrectly or we have not received a message to deliver to your mailbox.

NOTE: You will not normally receive any response to VFR flight plan submissions.

I can't login.

It is possible that you have been locked out of your account for consecutive failed login attempts. Please contact the AFPEx Helpdesk, 01489 612792, to have your access restored.