Message Auto-Print

AFPEx can be configured to automatically print all or specific messages as they arrive in your mailbox.

To add a printer, select Message Auto-Print from the Parameters Menu.


The Message Auto-Print window will open.  You can then select the Add button to start adding your printer.


Add a name that refers to your printer.  In this example we will setup the printer to only print flight plans, so we'll name it appropriately. 

If you are a member of a group, you can configure access here.  As you can see, there are more tick boxes to configure how you would like your messages printed.

Press the 'Select' button to select the printer you wish to use from the list.  The printer list will show the printers installed on your computer.  Press OK to close the window.


Once you have selected the printer you wish to use, press the Setup button to configure the messages that AFPEx will print for you.


To add the mailboxes that you are currently monitoring, select the 'Add Monitored' button.  If you have access to more than one mailbox you can select the 'Add Allowed' button to add all mailboxes.  Mailboxes can be removed by selecting the 'Remove' button. 

If you wish to print messages that you send select the 'Outgoing' tick-box.

Printer Setup

Select OK if you want to print all messages.  If you wish to print only specific messages, these can be configured here by creating a Filter.  Select the 'Add criterion' button to start creating your filter.  Use the drop down boxes to build the filter specific to your needs.  Below is an example that will print only FPL messages.  Select OK when you are finished.

FPL filter

Your printer will now be displayed in the 'Message Auto-Print' window.  If the printer is ready it will show green next to the name.  To start printing messages to the printer select the 'Start' button.


Once the printer is started, a printer icon will be shown in the green box.  The printer will start to print messages as configured.

printer started

If you have more than one printer installed on your computer/network, you can add more printers to perform other jobs.

When you log off, the printer will be stopped automatically.  When you log back onto AFPEx the printer will need to be started.  When the printer is started, you will be prompted to print any newly arrived messages.