Storing a Template

AFPEx allows you to save any message that you have created, sent, received or partially completed.  You can then load these messages in the future to save you time completing the forms in the future.  You can share your saved messages with others by changing the permissions when you save allowing other AFPEx users to read or edit your messages.

How to:

To store a message you can either select the File menu, Store; or click the disk icon on the menu bar.  Alternatively press Ctrl-S.

File -> Store

This will open the Store Template Data window.  You can then name the message.  We recommend something that is pertinent to the message that you are saving, maybe including your aircraft registration.  Please remember that AFPEx is a shared system, so if you choose a name that is already stored by another user, you will need to choose another. 

To Store your message click OK.  By Default, AFPEx will store the message accessible to you only.


You can change the permissions for Read and Write access for any message you store.  To Store the message so that it is accessible to other users within your group, select the Group drop-down list and select the option you require, then OK.


To store the message so that any AFPEx user can load your message, select the Other drop-down list and select the option you require, then OK.


You will notice that the text in the Permissions column will update once you have clicked OK and opened the Store/Load window. 

As with the radio buttons above, the order is U (User), G (Group) and A (All). 

In the current view above, Read (R) and Write (W) permissions for the User have been assigned to all templates: RW----.  If you give read and write permissions to U and G it will be displayed as RWRW--.  If you give read and write permissions to the U, G and A it will be displayed as RWRWRW.

With TEST FPL 1 above, you can see that the User has Read and Write permissions and the Group can Read only.