AFPEx User Preferences

To access the User Preferences, select the Terminal Menu drop down and select User Preferences.

The default setup here is designed to meet nearly every users needs, so most users may not need to alter any of the settings.  Please remember that once you have changed any settings here, you will need to select the Store+Close button to make them effective.

Most of the Preferences are self explanatory so only the options which require further discussion are mentioned below.


The alarms that AFPEx generates alert the user to significant events on the application status and messages that require attention.  We advise you not to change any of the options within this feature unless absolutely necessary.  As this area notifies the user of SS messages (emergency), changes made to the alarms are at your own risk.

Alarms can be enabled and disabled here by un-checking the tickbox next to the description.

Alarms can be configured for the system to automatically acknowledge them when they occur.

The visual behavior and audio frequency can also be changed here.
User Pref - Alarms


If you wish to change the Audio produced by the system for Input errors or Alarms, this can be changed here.  As this is also associated to Alarms feature it is advised that this is not changed unless absolutely necessary.

User Pref - Audio


If you wish to change the Font size used by the AFPEx terminal you can do so here.  The default value is set to 10.  The display of the buttons on the toolbar can also be changed here.

User Pref - Display


Your default signature is created by your Group name followed by your Username.  This is assigned to you when your account is created.

Please see the 'Using AFPEx' section for a brief description on AFTN message priority indicators.  We advise you do not to change the default option of GG here for free text messages.

The default Aerodrome option is used when you create a FPL.  It populates the DEP field automatically with this value.  If you move airfields then you can change the default here.

User Pref - Message


By default, AFPEx uses forms to allow you to populate messages with ease.  However, if you prefer to view/operate messages using the freetext option, you can change that here.

If you are using AFPEx in a busy environment and operating most messages as they come in, the 'Message operate acknowledges original message' option can be a useful time saver.

User Pref - Message Display


Here you can change the default flight rules that are used when you create a flight plan.

User Pref - FPL

Message Auto-Print

If you require your AFPEx terminal to automatically print out your messages, you can enable this feature on start-up here.

User Pref - Message Auto-print