Loading a Template

Once you have stored a message, you can retrieve it by either using Load data or operating it from the Templates window. 

Templates Window

To operate the message from the Templates window, select the Parameter menu then Templates.

Template Menu

Select the message that you would like to use and select Operate Message button.  This will load the template you wish to use.

Operate Message

Load Data

To load a stored message from a form, first select the form type.

FPL Menu

Once you have opened up the message form, either select File, Load or select the Load data button on the menu bar.

File Menu

The Load Template Data window will appear with the stored messages.  By default the User (U) radio button will be selected showing messages viewable to you only.

Load Template
Once you have selected the message you want to load, click OK.

If you want to access a template that has been stored within your group or for all users, click the G or A radio buttons above.  You will notice that the example above shows a stored message with RW for the User, R for the Group and R for All users.