AFPEx sends/receives messages to and from your mailbox.  Your mailbox is unique and in most cases the address is made up by your location indicator (ICAO) and a user ID.  For example:  EGHHZXLT

EGHH - is the location indicator for Bournemouth.
ZXLT - is the unique ID.

Your Mailbox is displayed on the left hand side of your screen in both the Pending Messages and Message Folder view.  If you have more than one Mailbox configured to your system, they will also be shown here.

Mailboxes multi

The Message Folder display is very similar to a basic e-mail application, showing an Inbox, Outbox and Trash.  Messages you receive will be shown in the Inbox.  Messages sent will be shown in the Outbox and deleted messages in the Trash. 

If you want to create folders in either the Inbox or Outbox to move messages into, right click on either of these and select Create Folder.

Create folder 

You can then name the folder...

Create folder

When you receive a message you can simply drag and drop the message into the folder you have created.  If you delete your folder whilst it contains messages, the messages will be lost.  They are not moved into the Trash. Messages are kept on the system for a maximum of 30 days before they are automatically removed.

Monitoring Mailboxes

If you are a member of a group with more than one mailbox, then you might want to release and monitor mailboxes at different times.  To access this function select 'Message' from the menu, Monitor/Release Mailboxes.


To Monitor or Release a mailbox, select the mailbox and then the required option.  Please note, if you are not monitoring any mailboxes, you cannot receive any messages but you are still able to send.


To show the status of the mailboxes in your group, select 'Diagnosis', Mailbox Status.


You can then view who is monitoring the Mailboxes and how many messages are pending.