Managing Templates

The Templates window allows you to manage your stored messages effectively from one place.  Messages can be viewed, edited, operated and deleted from this window.  You can also change the permissions of your messages allowing other users to view or edit them.

Templates Window

To open the Templates window, select the Parameter menu then Templates.

Template Menu

Selecting the User (U), Group (G) or All (A) radio buttons changes the view displaying messages which you have permission to see.

Templates view


To view a message without making any changes to it, select a message and then the view button on the menu bar.

Template View Button

This will open the message with all boxes greyed out.  You cannot edit or operate the message using the view option.  To close the template, either click the cross at the top of the screen or close the window.

Template View


To edit a message, select a message and click the Edit button on the menu bar.

Template edit button

This will open the message with all fields accessible.  You can make changes to all parts of the message and change the permissions.  To save your changes, click the diskette button on the menu bar.

Template edit


Select the message that you would like to use and select the Operate Message button.  This will load the template you wish to use ready for sending.  It will load the message in exactly the same format as if you were using a standard message template.

Operate Message


To delete one or more messages, select the message(s) you wish to delete and select the Bin button on the menu bar.  Select the option you require from this list.

Template delete