Using AFPEx - Messages

When you logon to AFPEx for the first time you will be presented with the Pending Messages view.  Any new message sent to you will be viewable here.  It is important to read the messages that arrive in this view, and Acknowledge them. Once Acknowledged, the message will be viewable in the Message Folder tab.

ACK Pending

To access the Message Folder view select 'Message' from the menu, then click on Message Folder.
Message Menu

The Message Folder view shows messages that you have received in the Inbox and messages you have sent in the Outbox.  All messages are kept for a maximum of 30 days and cannot be removed from the system within this time frame; the legal requirement specified by the CAA.

The Prio. column displays the priority of the message. This is in AFTN format and follows the precedence: SS DD FF GG KK. An SS message is sent for distress concerning the Safety of Life usually invoking search and rescue, DD for urgency, FF for flight safety (FPLs fall within this), GG general messages such as Met reports and finally KK for anything else.

SS messages must only be sent for the reasons given above. If you send an SS message for any other reason, they will be classed as malicious and your account may be suspended.

The view below demonstrates the type of messages you can expect to see in your Inbox.

The Body column shows a brief view of the message and finally the Size column shows you the length of the message in bytes.

Message view

Messages in your Inbox and Outbox can be operated just like your standard e-mail.  You can Reply and Forward a message to another user as long as you know their AFTN address. You can also Operate the message allowing you to send it again.

A really useful feature of AFPEx is 'Operate message as'.  By right clicking on a FPL you have sent/received and selecting this feature, it allows you to perform functions related to the original FPL.  This is discussed further here.

For more information on Flight planning messages, please select 'Flight Planning Assistance' from the Guides menu.


Filtering Messages

To filter your current view, select the Filter button from the tool bar.

filter button

You will be prompted if you want to perform a Expert or Standard filter.  These are the same types as shown in the Retrieving Messages section.  Select the 'Remember my decision' tick box if you do not want to be asked again.


In this example we will use the Standard filter, for messages that are 5 days, 1 hour old and contain the text C172.  To filter in a more specific time frame select the 'Absolute' radio button.  To perform the filter click OK.


The filter has been applied to the Message Folder view and shows only messages with C172 in the text.


If you wish to make changes on your current filter click the Filter button to respecify your criteria.  If you wish to clear the current filter and return to your standard messages view, select the Close Filter button.


Free Text Message

You can send Free-text messages by selecting the Message menu and the Free-text template.


A free Text message is a plain message and can contain any information you like.  AFPEx does not make any validation checks on these messages.

FreeTxt message