Using AFPEx to submit a NOTAM

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) cover short-duration, temporary or short notice permanent changes. NOTAMs contain information concerning the establishment, condition or change in an aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard; the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations.

When a unit decides to raise a NOTAM, a NOTAM Proposal message is to be sent to the NOTAM office where the details are checked, any changes are made and it is issued a NOTAM number. The NOTAM Office will send a ‘The NOTAM Proposal Has Been Used’ message back to the originating unit and then the NOTAM is published.

AFPEx provides certain users (predominantly ATS providers) with the facility to raise NOTAM proposals to the NOTAM office and receive reply messages.

To raise a NOTAM proposal

From the AFPEx NOTAM menu select NOTAM proposal...
Note: If this option is greyed out, you do not have sufficient permissions to access this functionality. Please Contact the AFPEx Helpdesk if you believe you should have access.

The NOTAM proposal form will be displayed, which should be filled in as follows (see below for an example):

Once the form has been filled in, typing Ctrl-E will verify that the information entered is valid. If any red crosses remain, the details of the invalid data should be shown at the top of the screen. Hovering the mouse over a red cross against a specific field should pop up information on how to fill in that field.

Click the Send button at the top left to submit the NOTAM proposal to the NOTAM office.