Using AFPEx to request a NOTAM or NOTAMs

From the AFPEx ATS menu select Free Text ATS Message

  • Leave the priority (Prio.) as GG.
  • Enter EUECYIYN into first addressees field.
  • To request a single NOTAM;
  • Enter RQN EGGN AXXXX/YY into the text field

    RQN: Request NOTAM

    EGGN: the NOTAM Office responsible for the FIR concerned. Change this if you require a different Region's NOTAM

    A: the Series, this can be changed to match the series that you are requesting.

    XXXX: the NOTAM number

    YY: is the year the NOTAM was raised

  • To request several NOTAMs with continuous number;
  • Enter RQN EGGN AXXXX/YY-AXXXX/YY into the text field

  • To request several NOTAMs with discontinuous number;
  • Enter RQN EGGN AXXXX/YY AXXXX/YY AXXXX/YY AXXXX/YY into the text field.

  • To request a list of active NOTAMs in a region;
  • Enter RQL EGGN A into the text field

    RQL: Request List

    A: A is the Series, this can be changed to match the series that you are requesting.

    Once the form has been filled in, click the Send button at the top left to submit the request to the NOTAM office.

    When the NOTAM office, have dealt with your request a new message will be sent to your Pending Message box. The message will either be a RQR message which will contain, as below, the information you requested or an automated response from the NOTAM office stating that the request you made was invalid and giving examples of the correct message format.

     Example RQR message in response to your RQL;

    281307 EUECYIYN
    YEAR=2010 1034 1036 1037 2962 3927
    YEAR=2011 0040 0041 0043 0080 0119 0149 0161 0163