Retrieving a Message

If you want to search for a message within AFPEx you can use the Filter option.  Please be aware that AFPEx only stores messages for 30 days.  Any messages older than this are automatically deleted from the system.

To retrieve a message, select the Retrieval menu and the type of retrieval you'd like: Select New Retrieval for Standard or New Expert Retrieval for Expert.

Retrival Menu

First we will take a look at a Standard retrieval.

To search for a message within a specific time frame select the 'Absolute' radio button.  In this example we will perform a 'Relative' search looking 6 days and 1 hour into the past.  To search for specific text enter in the Free Text box.  We will search for the aircraft type C172.  Once you have constructed your search select the 'Retrieve + Close' button.

Standard setup

The search results will be displayed.  Here we can see the search has returned all messages 6 days and 1 hour old with the text C172.  There are 2 messages, one in the Outbox and one in the Inbox.


To create an Expert retrieval select 'New Expert Retrieval from the Menu.  You are presented with the same time frame options as the Standard retrieval.  The filter constraints section allows you to build the search, press the Add Criterion button to add the first set of criteria, then select the drop down menu option you require.

In this example we will perform the same search as before by asking to search for Aircraft Type, is, C172.  To add another search pattern simply add another line by selecting the Add Criterion button again.  To add more specific criteria to a search, select the Add Group button.

Select the 'Retrieve + Close' button to perform the search.  The same results as before will be displayed.