Using AFPEx

If you are using AFPEx for the first time, please follow the setup guide for your operating system found here.  Once you have followed the guide and installed the components needed, you will then be able to access the system by clicking on the 'Login to AFPEx' link above.

For more information on using AFPEx, please take a look at the links to the left.

About AFPEx

The Aeronautical Flight Planning Exchange (AFPEx) application is an internet based AFTN client. It's purpose is to provide the UK aviation community with access to the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) via the internet to exchange messages regarding flight safety.

AFPEx uses the Java environment to function which allows the application to run on both Windows and Linux). Apple and Android operating systems are not supported.

In order to login to the AFPEx application via the “Login” link on the FlightPlanningOnline website you will first need to follow the instructions contained in the Setup Guides area of the MyAFPEX website.

The Assisted Flight Plan Exchange provides a low cost business solution to commercial operators, pilots and airfields to connect to the AFTN network from a PC. Further detail regarding service offerings is available on the NATS do it online site.

AFPEx has been designed to look like a standard e-mail program using an Inbox/Outbox; and standard message templates to allow users to populate forms quickly and accurately for onward transmission.

Multiple Windows layout