AFPEx - Window Layout

AFPEx uses a 'tabbed' browsing approach so that you can have more than 1 page of the application open at one time.  The tabs can be popped out from the screen and moved around the current view to almost any format. 

Multiple Windows layout

To move a tab to a different location, simply hold down the left mouse button on the tab and drag it to the location you wish to move it to.  A green border will display where the window will move to whilst you have the mouse button depressed.

When you logout of AFPEx, it saves your current window layout.  So the next time you login to AFPEx, you will be presented with exactly the same layout.

Maximise Button

Maximise button    The Maximise button will operate the current tab to a full screen view.

Minimise Button

Minimise Button    The Minimise button will operate the tab to the bottom of the window.

Restore Button

Restore Button    The Restore button operates the tab back to it's original size.

Pop-Out Button

Pop-out Button    The Pop-out button operates the tab to open in a new window.

Current View Button

Current View Button    The Current View button can be used to access help on the current tab view.


AFPEx allows you to use more than one set of window layouts by using something called Perspectives.  These are stored layouts which you can switch between which can incorporate more than one window, just like the screen above.  To access the Perspectives and switch between these views, select the Terminal menu and then Open Perspectives.